Straight Talk by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Facts on the ACA and Rising Costs

Straight Talk by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana/

So, THAT was a surprise! With President Trump, What Happens to My Health Insurance?

I have been pummeled with many, many different reactions since the Nov. 8 election and more questions than I can shake a stick at. I suspect my next few blog posts will be about roughly these same topics. But, before we dive into the questions, let me tell you a bit of what I’ve figured […]

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The Federal Role in Benefit Design in Individual Health Insurance: Are You Better Off?

Note from Mike: I’m sifting through the information coming out about the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare and healthcare in a Trump presidency. I’ll be back soon to offer my take on it, but in the meantime, see this Q&A on what Blue Cross is doing right now.

In my last blog post, I gave details […]

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The Plain and Ugly Truth about Rate Increases

Open Enrollment is upon us, social media has come alive, and I think it is CRITICAL to our mission here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (“To improve the health and lives of all Louisianians”) that we are as transparent as possible with you about why rates are going up in 2017.

Since […]

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What’s the Deal with Medicare

Today, 50 years after it was signed into law, what we call “Medicare” may be the most misunderstood program the government has. Since the annual “Open Enrollment” for the Medicare Advantage (MA) market just began, I thought this was a great time to review a few things about Medicare.

In the interest of protecting the health […]

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Obesity Bias and Health Outcomes: Will Losing Weight Cure Everything?

One thing I’ve learned after 55 years on this planet is that we all walk around every day with biases that color our decision making. Some of these biases can be safety-related (“I really don’t want that wild snake in my home, even though I can’t tell a poisonous one from a safe one!”) or […]

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Bringing Answers Straight to Business Clients: The New Orleans B2B Healthcare Forum

In this blog, we spend a lot of time talking about the individual market (people who buy their own health insurance coverage and aren’t covered through an employer or government program.)

Why do we talk so much about them? Well, the individual market has undergone significant changes since the Affordable Care Act took effect, individuals are […]

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The Waking Nightmare: Health Problems from the Great Flood of 2016

I’m having a really bad dream, but I’m wide awake! You know the one I mean? Where you are in an impossible situation, you see something really bad about to happen, and there is nothing you can do about it? And you just have to watch the horrible event unfold, unable to change or alter […]

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The Great Flood of 2016: Staring down a potential health crisis

It’s been a pretty crazy week. Just since I last wrote to you, Donald Trump came to town, President Obama came to town. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Red Cross and lots of other organizations are here distributing money and supplies and food. Relief has been pouring in from far and wide. We’re […]

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The Great Flood of 2016: History is Reset

I just can’t wrap my brain around these numbers (even after 55 years of living in South Louisiana).

In about 48 hours, 6.9 TRILLION gallons of rain fell on an area roughly 50 miles wide (east/west) and 30 miles long (north/south). This was enough to cover the whole area with 24 inches of water. By my […]

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How the Healthcare Law Has Changed the Individual Health Insurance Marketplace

In January 2010, just a few months before healthcare reform law passed, I got a study by a national actuarial firm that measured the impact of state regulations on health insurance plan pricing. This study showed WIDE variation in the definition of an individual health insurance policy, and how plans were priced, from state to […]

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