Straight Talk by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Facts on the ACA and Rising Costs

Straight Talk by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana/

The Great Flood of 2016: History is Reset

I just can’t wrap my brain around these numbers (even after 55 years of living in South Louisiana).

In about 48 hours, 6.9 TRILLION gallons of rain fell on an area roughly 50 miles wide (east/west) and 30 miles long (north/south). This was enough to cover the whole area with 24 inches of water. By my […]

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How the Healthcare Law Has Changed the Individual Health Insurance Marketplace

In January 2010, just a few months before healthcare reform law passed, I got a study by a national actuarial firm that measured the impact of state regulations on health insurance plan pricing. This study showed WIDE variation in the definition of an individual health insurance policy, and how plans were priced, from state to […]

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Exciting Times! Medicaid Expands in Louisiana (Part 2)

Medicaid has expanded in Louisiana. In previous posts, we’ve talked a bit about what that means, but as enrollment has already eclipsed 250,000 people, this is a good time to review what is happening and what it means for our state.

For a very long time, hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors in Louisiana […]

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Building a Sustainable, Affordable Individual Health Insurance Market: Why is discouraging this

I often teach classes in what I call “Health Insurance 101” here at Blue Cross. I want to make sure our employees have a good understanding of what insurance companies like us do and why we are here.

In this, I’ve developed a definition of what a health insurance company really is at its core: a […]

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My Loved One Looks Really Sick…Where Do I Go?

Most of us have already been there. Someone very dear to you, a child, parent, brother, sister or spouse gets sick, and then really sick, and you get scared. What to do?

As a first-time parent, I remember clearly being home with my six-month-old daughter one evening when she “spiked” a temperature of over 102! She […]

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My Job Was Just Eliminated! What about My Healthcare?

The BAD NEWS was right there in the headline: “Louisiana loses 19,600 jobs over a 12 month period through May 2016.” (The Advocate, June 17, 2016) Not counted in the headlines are the thousands of hourly employees whose hours are being cut to less than full time, thanks to oil sector slowdowns. It is vitally […]

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Policy Points #3 – Putting the Brakes on Runaway Rate Increases: Mike Bertaut Explains How to Fix the Affordable Care Act

The candidates on the campaign trail have their opinions about how to fix the Affordable Care Act (ACA), how to make health insurance marketplaces work better and how to get everybody insured. Every policy wonk and think tank in America has weighed in on the problem. Of course, their solutions are all in alignment with […]

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I’m Medicaid-Eligible? But I Already Have Blue Cross!

Louisiana is extending Medicaid coverage this month to about 400,000 people with incomes below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level, or FPL (that’s about $16,400 a year for a single person or around $33,400 for a family of four). For most folks, this Medicaid coverage will take effect July 1, 2016, which is just a […]

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Health Insurance, Car Insurance, and Fishing

It’s a beautiful day for fishing, and my old friend Ken (a very successful engineer in his mid-50s who just finished absorbing the cost of putting his two kids through college) and I are taking advantage of it. We usually talk shop a bit because we don’t see each other very often. This time, the […]

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You’ve Just had a Heart Attack! Who Makes Sure You Get Your Life Back?

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of our interview with interim Blue Cross Medical Director Dr. Paul Murphree. 

In the second part of our interview with interim Blue Cross Medical Director Dr. Paul Murphree, he tells us how that old non-coordinated system is being gradually pushed back, and the exciting new ways medical providers are […]